It includes a lot of examples of various topics relating to the subject. The writing style is very simple. The authors present the complex numerical in a straightforward way that helps the reader in understanding the subject quickly. It contains the following chapters :

1Numerical Methods - Introduction

2Data Representation

3Non Linear Equations

4Linear Equations


6. Numerical Differentiation

7. Numerical Integration

8. Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential equations

9. Basis Statistics

10. Measures of Central Tendency

11. Measures of Dispersion

12. Skewness, Moments and Kurtosis

13Correlation Analysis

14Regression Analysis

15Non - Linear Curve Fitting

Appendix and Programs in C++

ISBN 81-89510-32-0
Authors AmrinderPal Sngh, Jaspal Singh, Anshuman Sharma
Edition 3rd edition, Paperback

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Fundamentals of Numerical Methods and Statistical Techniques

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