It includes all basic of DBMS. It also includes complete coverage of SQL and PL/SQL commands.  It contains following chapters :

1. Introduction to DBMS

2. Data Models

3. Entity-Relationship Model

4. Relational Database Management

5. Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus

6. Normalization

7. Transaction Management and Concurring Control

8. Database Recovery Techniques

9. Database Security and Integrity

10. Distributed Databases

11. Introduction to DBMS packages

12. SQL Fundamentals-I

13. SQL Fundamentals-II

14. SQL Fundamentals-III

15. Advanced SQL*PLUS and REPORTS

16. Views, Sequences, Indexes and Synonyms

17. Managing Users and Roles

18. Introduction to PL/SQL

19. Control Structure

20. Handling errors and Exceptions

21. Retrieving Data with cursors

22. Procedures, Functions and Packages

23. Database Triggers

24. Leftovers - (Oracle Utilities & OO features)

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ISBN 81-89510-31-2
Pages 672
Authors Anshuman Sharma, Anurag Gupta, Jagmohan Mago
Edition 5th edition, Paperback

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Fundamentals of DBMS

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